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Class Expectations

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Block 1: @liva05
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Hello Parents and Students. I have LOVED teaching for the past 9 years at Cleveland HS in North Carolina, but the time has come for me to move on. Starting next year, I will be at Manchester HS in Virginia. I look forward to new adventures at a new school. Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

4/16 – College App and OMAM

H. Eng 3: 1st block:
Continue to work on college app essay

Essay Pointers:

  1. Main Idea Sentence – what is your point? Focus on growth.
  2. Your story is a vehicle to discuss the reflection – the bulk of your essay should be about the learning.
  4. Your voice – make it clear
  5. Do not use you and address the audience
  6. Edit/spell check/punctuation check
  7. Do not use words like always or never

Eng 3: 2nd and 4th block:
Finish OMAM