11/16 – Sonnet, OMAM, and Our Town

English IV: 1st block:
Finish sonnet handout
Create your own sonnet SONNET_RUBRIC


English III: 2nd block:
Of Mice and Men Intro power point Of Mice and Men Intro
Get into groups of 5 and complete the historical research document on laptops OMAM-Historical-Research


English III: 4th block:
Our Town Power Point Our Town
Introductory Activity

At the start of class, have students quietly reflect, either mentally or on paper, on an average day in their lives. To guide them, read these sentences aloud, pausing briefly after each one: “What do you see and do when you first wake up? What things do you use? What clothes do you choose? Who is there? What about as your day goes on? What is it like outside? What are the sounds you hear? What meaningful conversations do you have? Who shares those conversations with you? What makes you laugh? What do you eat? What possessions do you have with you? As you go to bed, what memorable experiences are you thinking about?”
Next, give students 10 minutes to write a list of things they are grateful for, based on their “average day” reflections and other things that pop up as they write. Encourage them to list as many items as they can, and to go beyond gadgets like iPods, as well as to think expansively — they might include, for example, things like the sun’s energy, hot chocolate, friends, family, laughter, etc. Tell students you will not collect their lists and that they will choose which, if any, items to share with the class.
When students have finished their lists, ask them to look for items that are both precious and ordinary. For each example, ask: What would your life be like if this thing (relationship, experience, etc.) no longer existed? What would you lose besides the thing itself? Is there an easy substitute for it? Do you think that in the past, it was easier to appreciate the small things? If so, what has changed in our culture? Do you think people your age find it easy or difficult to appreciate the simple things in life? Explain.

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