11/2 – Finish 10 Things and Tone Wheel

English IV: 1st block:

Finish 10 Things I Hate About You

Compare how women’s roles have changed.

Answer Two blog questions in 150 words.  Feel free to respond/interact/debate with other classmates.


  1. How successful is the appropriation of 10 Things I Hate About You? What makes it a successful appropriation?
  2. How are Kate and Katarina shrews? Are they anti-male or independent feminists?  What is the difference?
  3. How and why do Kate and Katarina change throughout the story?
  4. What are some of the similarities between Baptista and Walter Stratford? What are the differences?
  5. Why do you think it was necessary to make some changes to this character for the film?



English III: 2nd and 4th blocks:

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40 Replies to “11/2 – Finish 10 Things and Tone Wheel”

    1. 10 Things I Hate About You is a successful appropriation of Taming of the Shrew because it shows alot of similarity between the two movies. In 10 Things I Hate About You is successful because it it is basically the same scenarios and the same characteristics. The characters from 10 Things I Hate About You are very similar, Joey is still a piece of trash and Cameran is the nice guy in both films.

  1. Kate change threw out the movie because she didn’t know how “joe” really was until she seen it her self and Katrina changed because she thought every boy was the same

  2. A shrew is the woman who is bad tempered and very aggressive and that is exactly how Kate and Kaitlyn act, especially towards men. They aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind and could care less if anyone has something to say about it. Some might say they have an attitude problem mainly towards men that show them any kind of affection but I don’t think that makes them anti-male. I think Kate and Katrina know they don’t really need a guy or in Kate’s position someone who just tells her what to do and makes decisions for her, that’s what makes them both independent. But they don’t hate men they’re just smart enough to know they don’t need them and don’t need to act a certain (like both of their sisters) way to get one. But towards the end of the story they both do start to change for the better. They both start to become more pleasant when in Kate’s position she realizes her new husband isn’t going to put up with her attitude, and with Kaitrina when she realizes her guy actually did care about her.

  3. How and why do Kate and Katarina change throughout the story?
    Katarina Change from a “shrew” to a obedient wife after being harass from her Husband. She does this because she realize that there is no other way to be happy otherwise. As for Kate she doesn’t lose her independence. She starts in the beginning not caring about what others thought, and not giving into peer pressure. She had her goal to go to college and in the end her father lets her. She didn’t need to change and their relationship grew from trust unlike Katarina where it was from abuse. This is why I like this movie more it show woman that they don’t need to change to get the guy or not to change who you are. I think Kate makes for a good roll model, sure she a little violent and angry but that not the point. Kate stand her ground and never bent to the will of others. And that is something that anyone could learn from.

    How are Kate and Katarina Shrews? Are they anti-male or independent feminists? What is the difference?
    Shrew: a bad-tempered or aggressively assertive woman, by definition Kate and Katarina are both Shrews. Though I believe Kate was less of a Shrew, because at least she didn’t attack her sister or break stuff. Feminiism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. by this definition Kate is a Feminists, she against having a man take care of her but we know that she not anti-man, because she has the black underwear which the movie states means she wants to get laid. Someone who was anti male would not want sexual actions with a man. As for katarina I thinks she a little anti man, she doesn’t say anything about women rights she just doesn’t want to get married, since she is smarts that most men. She seems more anger with her sister than trying to protect her. The difference between anti-male and feminists is people who are anti-male want the downfall of males while feminists want equal right with men, not make women better than man.

  4. Baptista and Walter Stratford are the two dads in each movie and they have many similarities and differences, for example Baptista and Walter seemed to have a better relationship with the more attractive daughter and a pretty bad relationship with the other daughter. Baptista and Walter also wanted to control what the two daughters did, no matter what the situation was. They differ because in the end Walter actually let the girls choose what they wanted to do, and he let them date whoever and do things without his permission, unlike Baptista who choose who they had to marry and what they could do. Walter also in the end made a better relationship with Kat with letting her choose where she wanted to go to college and to let her do things on her own, on the other hand Baptista ended up the same way he did in the beginning he never really showed Katrina love and affection like he showed Bianca.

  5. 1. I do not feel as if “10 Things I Hate About You” is a successful representation of “The Taming of the Shrew”. In the first movie Katarina is actually forced into loving her husband. This is because she has no other choice. She has to shape into an obedient wife. Unlike in the second movie Kat is not forced into falling in love with Patrick. She actually has a choice in weather or not to be with him. Also the fathers are more different than they are the same. Walter is all about keeping his daughters close and safe. He doesn’t want to let them go and grow up. On the other hand Baptista wants to marry his daughters off. He doesn’t even really know the guy or if his daughter is happy. He just throws her into it. Which for the time period it was appropriate. But I do not feel like this is shown in the second movie.

    2. Kat and Katarina are considered shrews because they against the norm. People take this as they are being angry and aggressive but really they are just trying to live their own lives. They are not anti-male they are independent feminist. They realize that they do not need men to survive through life. They do not want to be controlled. And they don’t want to just do what everybody else is they want to live life how they want to. The difference between being anti-male and a independent feminist. Is being anti-male would mean that you hate men just because you hate men. And want nothing to do with them period. But being a independent feminist is just realizing you can be on your own and valuing you’re self as a female. But not having something against men necessarily. Just being caged up and not allowed to be your own person. Katarina started as a sting women but ended conforming anyways. But Kat stays strong in doing what she wants and what makes her happy.

    1. I agree with your responses. Baptista did not care about her daughter’s happiness. In the movie, Baptista offers to marry her daughter off for money. He saw it as business. In the movie of 10 Things I Hate About You, Walter has no problem with his older daughter not going out.

  6. Both fathers had similar rules. Baptista would not allow her younger daughter, Bianca, to get married until her older daughter, Katrina, did. Walter would not allow her younger daughter, Bianca, to go out with any guy, nor date unless her older daughter, Kate, did. They were very strict with those rules. Although they had similar rules and wanted what was best for their daughters, both acted quite different towards them. Baptista wanted Kate to get married already, and would offer her daughter up to any guy. Walter, on the other hand, had no problem in her oldest daughter not going out and doing what teens do. Walter considered his daughter still young and still did not know what they wanted in life. In other words, Baptista saw marrying his daughters off as business while Walter did not. Walter seemed to care more about his daughters. He kept reminding them of what not to do such as, drugs and sex.

    Kate and Katrina were both shrews because both girls had negative attitudes, were bad tempered, and were not considered “normal”, or like other girls. An anti- male is having discriminations towards males. An Independent feminist is someone who supports women and the rights of a women. Kate and Katrina are both independent feminists.  I believe they were both independent feminists because they thought they did not need a guy right away.  Katrina was not interested in getting married, and Kate was not interested in dating. Katrina did not want to get married off just so that her younger sister could get married. She wanted to find her true love. When Kate dated Joey, Joey dumped her after having a sexual relationship with her and not only for that, but because Kate did not want to do it again. Kate promised herself she would not do anything stupid again, even if it meant not dating a guy and doing what “normal” girls do.  If they were anti-male, they would not have been able to love the guys at the end of the movies.

    1. I agree Just like in both movies the girls played similar roles, so did their dads. The dads rules played a major part both Kate and Katrina changing in the end. If the fathers had let the younger sisters go out without having those set rules both Kate and Katrina might be the same.

  7. 1: 10 things was a good appropriation of Taming of the shrew because the plot is based off of Shrew and there are many, many comparisons in the movies. Like how the father won’t let the younger daughter do anything until the older daughter has. Or how everyone wants the younger sister but need the older one to get married off. And the father was overprotective about his daughters because he wanted nothing bad to happen to them.

    2: Changes to the characters had to be made to fit with how society was when it was made and the generation watching the movie. It most likely would’ve been not as popular if it was set in the era taming of the shrew was or if it was based off a character base like that. It needed to strike the people watching it and not push them away.

  8. Kate and Katarina are not truly anti male Kate just had a bad experience and wasn’t interested in dating someone at first. Kate is a feminist though in a way which she doesn’t believe woman are held to the same standards as men and thinks that the modern girl doesn’t have to go to parties or even give into peer pressure to be cool in high school. She Enjoys girl lead roles in music and I would think support the idea of feminism. Kate would think that the high school girls shouldn’t do what makes themselves cool but make themselves successful to show that woman can make it just like men. How she talks down about prom and parties also the concept of dating every time her sister brought it up with her dad and Kate always had a comment.

  9. 2) Kate is a shrew because of her negative and aggressive attitude. She is also shown as ill-tempered. I believe that based on “10 things”, Kate is an anti male more than an independent feminist. The difference between them is that an anti-male, is a person who feels that males are just not helpful in society. A feminist, is a person who feels that women are superior to all men in any way or situation. Kate is a little expressed as a feminist because she has that sence of pride for women, like when she’s in her English class and she’s getting all sassy about the topics that the teacher has given, but i think she’s an anti-male because she has a male teacher and she’s irritated about them a lot and I feel that she’s given off an anti-male vibe.

  10. 2. Kate and Katarina are shrews because they were considered “weird”, not normal, angry all the time, they just didn’t seem like all the other girls. They just wanted to live their own life and not have to worry about boys being in the way of what they wanted in life. They’re both independent feminists because they thought they didn’t need a boy right away. Kate and Katarina both pushed the boys away which made them try harder the next time. Kate was just not interested in dating anyone after Joey used her just to get closer to her sister and Katarina didn’t want to get married just so her younger sister could. She wanted to find the right boy and to find true love before she went off and married someone she barely knew or loved. The difference between anti- male and independent feminist is that anti- male is a discrimination towards males. Independent feminist is someone who supports women and the rights of women, which Kate and Katarina do. If they were anti- male, they wouldn’t have fallen in love with the boys at the end of the movies.

  11. 2. Kate and Katarina were both shrews because they always had an attitude and was very assertive. Both Kate and Katarina are independent feminists because they don’t have to have a man in their life. Katarina didn’t want to get marry right away, she wanted to wait till it was the right time. Kate was a independent feminist and anti-male because she learned her lesson from her first “relationship” with Joey. Joey just wanted a sexual relationship with Kate and nothing else, but Kate wants something real in her life that’s about love mainly. Kate wanted to wait on relationships, she didn’t want to go through it again. Kate sort of hated boys just because of Joey, because she thought every boy was like that. Anti-male means to have hatred or mistrust in someone. Independent feminist means to be very independent and don’t nobody in their life such as friends or a boyfriend.

    4. Both fathers had some similar and different rules. Baptista wouldn’t let his younger daughter marry anybody till his older daughter married somebody first. Walter would not let his younger daughter date a guy or even go out with a guy, unless his older daughter was dating a guy or going out with the guy to somewhere. Walter was very strict with his younger daughter, because of his older daughter past mistakes with the guy she was dating. Walter thought that his daughters didn’t know what they wanted. Kate wanted to wait for her true lover to come around, while her sister wanted to rush in life and get a experience.

  12. The movie “10 things I Hate About You” is an okay appropriation of the movie ” Taming Of the Shrew.” It Does have a lot similarities like with the characters and some parts of the movies. For example both guys try to win the love of the girls. Also the girls are like stuck up I guess you can say. In 10 Things I Hate About You, the guy actually tells the girl that she’s a shrew and well in the Taming Of the Shrew, the title says it all. It both shows how the females are somewhat feminists because they like doing what the males tell them to do and also they are very very stubborn. Both the females want to be independent and not rely on anyone to take care of them or tell them whats right ashrew at’s wrong. They’re Both really smart, both smarter than the guys.

    At the Begining of the movie Taming Of the Shrew, Katarina was resisting marrying the guy because she didn’t like him and also because he was trying to force her and she didn’t like that either. And in the begining of 10 Things I Hate About You Kate was all smart and stubborn & stuck up because she didn’t like anyone tell her what to do. Later on she started falling for Walter and she started to become more chill and relaxed until almost at the end where she got heart broken and became depressed but Walter fixed everything, then she was happy. Katrina on the other hand, started to get little feeling for the husband. When they were having that challenge about who’s wife is more obedient, she surprised everyone by winning and teaching the other wives a lesson in saying that their Lord is the best thing they have and they shouldn’t be disobedient to them.

  13. A shrew is an unpleasant, ill-tempered woman characterised by scolding, and aggression. Both Kate and Katarina had really bad tempers, and they both used aggression to scare people away. Katarina was angry because Baptista loved Bianca more than her, and Kate was mad because she thought that her dad was too controlling and that he should let her do things on her own. In the beginning of both movies Kate and Katarina start off as anti-male because they were getting mad that everyone wanted to go out with the more attractive sister. By the end of the movie they find love and turn into more of the feminist type. Anti-male people are people who hate males and despise everything they do. A feminist is a women who wants equality for women and men.

  14. 2. Kate and Katarina are shrews because they are both are nagging ill tempered womens. They both have attitudes that are not positive . Both are anti male even though they both had have to deal with men. They can’t be independent because the men plays a big role in both of their lives. Independent women , are able too stand up for themselves & for women rights. Independent women are looking for real love in a men instead of being all anti men. Being anti male will always feel a discrimination towards men , you can be anti male and still not be independent.

    5. I think it was necessary to make changes to the film , so it can be more modern to today’s time. It shows a better view so it’ll be more understanding. Changes had to me made to everyone character so it can show how the roles have slightly changed but not much.

  15. It was necessary for the changes to fit to modern day. Each movie wants to reach out to that era and the kids of that time of which it was made. The changes were necessary so that kids of the modern era would be entertained and pay attention the whole time it the movie wasn’t changed no kids or target audience would watch it because it doesn’t obtain to their lives.

  16. I feel like it is a way everyone is different. Some people don’t understand the dislikes & likes of other people. Especially with females. There is always some kind of dislike when it comes to it. Or just even yo friendships.
    They are known as shrews cause of their negativity towards people & love. Her attitude & the way she view things. Kate is protecting herself. She doesn’t won’t to date anyone after she has already tried it with someone before. Kate & Katrina support women rights. They are independent & they do not need a guy. They can support themselves.

  17. (I did not see taming of the shrew.)

    2. Kat Stratford is an aggressive, bad-tempered and unpleasant woman from what others claim of her, making her a shrew. The difference between being anti-male and being an independent feminist is that you have negative opinions about men or don’t want them in your life in any way if you’re anti-male. Meanwhile if you’re an independent feminist then you believe in not needing men to live, but rather for equal treatment between men and women. I do not believe Kat is anti-male although she understands that she doesn’t need a man to get through life. Kat tries to stick to her idea process of doing things only for herself and her own reasoning, making her independent. Kat is also trying to get into a college school across the country, revealing that she hopes to eventually earn a high-end job that some men wouldn’t expect a woman to have.

    3. In the beginning of the story, Kat Stratford is an independent woman who does not have a desire to be with any man. Kat doesn’t believe that she needs to change in order for any guy to have feelings for her, although she doesn’t need or want that. Throughout the story, Kat begins to realize that there is a guy chasing after her that isn’t asking her to change her ways and wants to be with her for her and not for his own ideas of how a woman should be. This brings Kat to understand that she can still be her independent self and have a relationship with a male. Towards the end of the story the idea of being with a man and being herself is appealing to her and she shifts toward living with that concept.

  18. Kate and Katrina are both shrews for many reasons. A shrew is a bad tempered, scolding, and argumentative, and nagging women. Both Kate and Katrina are argumentative women, they like to argue with males about things they don’t believe in. Both women are ill tempered as well, they seem to have bad attitudes at all times especially when it comes to men that’s when they really like to show it. Kate and Katrina both show many aspects of a shrew. I believe that Kate and Katrina are independent feminists not anti-males. Anti males would want nothing to do with men they would be against men in all ways. Independent feminists on the other hand are just girls that don’t feel the need to have guys do everything for them they are independent and can do everything for themselves. If Kate and Katrina were anti male in the end they would never end up liking the males they would still hate them the same. In the end of the story the women fall in love with the men which leads me to believe that they are independent feminists.

  19. 2. How are Kate and Katarina shrews ? Are they anti-male or independent feminist. Kate and Katarina are shrews because they come off as unpleasant females because of there high intensity and bad temper. I believe that they weren’t anti male or feminist, I believe that they are just independent females who demanded the same respect as men received and if they didn’t get it they didn’t get it they mostly acted like anyone would act if they weren’t treated equally.

  20. 5. Why do you think it was necessary to make some changes to this character for the film?
    The characters were changed to show a more modern resemblance to the way people were back then. Not much has changed and women are not completely looked upon as strong and independent or someone to really respect at least not as much as a male. This lead to women becoming feminist because they starved for the same respect as men, and it’s been that way for hundreds of years.

  21. 1) The appropriation of 10 Things I Hate About You is successful because of the way it modernizes Taming of the Shrew. Even though 10 Things has been adapted to suit the audience of Americans in the late 90’s, it still sends the same message as Taming of the Shrew.
    2) Baptista and Walter Stratford are similar because they both prohibit they’re both wealthy, they lost their wives, one’s a widow & the other divorced, and they both want their older, rebellious daughters to be more like the younger, sweeter one. One difference between the two is that they both overthink about different things; one wants to find a wife for his daughter while the other is worried his daughter(s) will get pregnant at a young age.

  22. How are Kate and Katarina shrews? Are they anti-male or independent feminists?  What is the difference?

    Both women are a bit of both. But Kate was a independent feminist to a degree. She defended women from her teacher when he would try to make comments about women. While Katarinia at the start of the movie wanted nothing to do with men and did not want a husband it anything but after she was forcefully married she started to adapt to her situation that she was in and began to change for the better. An Anti-male is characterized by or expressing hostility or discrimination toward males. While an independent feminist is an independent woman who strongly supports feminism. But both women in these movies hold characteristics of both but neither is leaning towards one side more than the other.

    How and why do Kate and Katarina change throughout the story?

    Kate and Katarina changed because of the situations they were in. Kate changed because she wanted to rebel from her father and her little sister wanted to party and have a boyfriend so she was slightly pressured to start partying and to talk to guys. She had gone all her high school career not partying or talking to a guy because she didn’t want to. Katarina changed because she was slightly forced into a marriage she didn’t want but then started to change and like what she had. Katarina had to change because she had no other choice but to do so. She changed from a woman who didn’t want any kind of a man to a woman who began loving her husband that forced her to marry.

  23. How are Kate and Katarine shrews? Are tjhey anti-male or independent feminists? What is the difference
    Both women are both. Kate was independent feminist to a degree. She was defending a women from the teacher when he tried to make comments about other women in general. Katarine started the movie wanting to do nothing with men and didn’t want a husband but she was forcefully married she started to adapt her situations that she was in and started to change for her better life in the future.

    how and why do Kate and Katarine change throughout the story?
    Kate and Katarine changed because the situations tthey both was in. Kate changed because she felt she wanted to rebel on everything from her father, and her sister wanting to party and do other stuff. Katarine changed because she was a little forced into a marriage by her dad but she didn’t want but she started to change and she started to like what she had.

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