9/26 – 13RW and Introductions

Roundtable, 1st block:

Introduce 13 Reasons Why
Article and posters 13 Reasons Why Intro Lesson Plan

_ What is “Thirteen Reasons Why” about? To what does the title refer?
– What details from Asher’s life explain how he came up with the theme (idea), characters, and format for the book?
– What do you think Asher fear that a light-hearted follow-up to “13RW” will disappoint his readers?

English III, 2nd and 3rd block:

Correct the following sentence:

a well-nown orater, daniel webster had gave many rememberable speechs

Discuss introductions introduction

Begin Writing Intro

HW: Finish Intro

9/23 – Community Service and Integrating quotes


1st block, Roundtable:
Community Service Group Project

Pay It Forward lesson Plans
2nd and 3rd block, English III:
DOL: Fix the grammar mistakes in the sentence below:
them shoes dont fit him but he wears them any way


Integrating quotes ppt integrating-quotes-presentation

Integrating quotes handout  chooseandusequotations

9/19 – Presentations and Re-test

Teacher was out sick

1st Block, Roundtable:

Begin watching Pay It Forward

2nd and 3rd block, English III:

DOL: Fix the grammar issues in the sentence below:
please anser the door marguerite her Grandmother requested

Re-test for Unit 1
Review thesis and subtopics
Begin outline by downloading to Research paper google folder

Standard Outline Template for Google Docs

OCS Outline Template for Google Docs

HW: Work on outline: