9/16: Presentations and Thesis

1st block, Roundtable:
Finish presenting Teen Issue

2nd and 3rd block:
Sentence Component Practice Due

DOL 4: Correct the grammar of the sentence below
in a poem that rimes the repeated sounds ofen occurs at the ends of the lines

Remediation for Unit 1 Re-test: unit-1-best-practice-witchcraft-trial-article-london

Extra Credit if you complete the Remediation AND find 2 examples of pathos, 2 of logos, 2 of ethos, and at least 4 rhetorical devices (and labeled)

Writing the thesis for your research paper and writing topic sentences. – Go to thesis and topic sentences page on this site.

Thesis format: [Audience] should [Call to Action] because [general reason why].

Example: Parents should limit their children’s social media time because social media can be dangerous.

Example Subtopics: 1. Cyber-bullying    2. Predators      3, Hacking     4. Computer Virus

Then – brainstorm/research to find 4 reasons your audience should do your call to action – these will be your suptopics

HW: Research for paper and to find four subtopics
Sentence component quiz due Tues 9/20

9/15: Present Teen Issues and Research Paper/Anno Bib

1st block, Roundtable:
Present Teen Issues

2nd and 3rd block, English III:

DOL 3: Correct the grammar of the sentence below
john F. Kennedy ask robert Frost a popular poet to participate in the presidential inauguration

Use laptops to continue to research and fill out annotated bibliography in your English folder.

HW: Sentence component practice due tomorrow

9/13: Teen Issues and Unit 1 Test

1st block, Roundtable:
Research teen issues – what are the issues, how are they handled wrongly, how they should be handled, and what you wish people knew

researching-controversial-issues research-project-for-social-issues
2nd and 3rd block, English III:

DOL 2: Correct the grammar of the sentence below
which of the two actors were best for the role

Identifying Sentence quiz due

Unit 1 Test

HW: Component of a sentence practice due Friday 9/16/16

9/12: Self-Reliance and Persuasive Speech

1st block, Roundtable:
Discuss the importance of self reliance based on Emerson and read the article of self-reliance and relationships – discuss the two thoughts  How Being Too Self-Reliance Can Be Bad for Relationships

Journal based on discussion of what self-reliance in your life would mean
2nd and 3rd block, English III:

DOL 1: Correct the grammar of the sentence below
her’s was the most clearest essay of all.

Finish the Paper on the speech

HW: Complete the quiz on identifying sentences