5/16 -Finish Raisin and Sam

H. English III: 1st and 4th blocks:
Finish Watching Raisin in the Sun
Begin handout A Raisin in the Sun movie handout
Roundtable: 2nd block:
Finish Watching I Am Sam
Discussion Questions for movie:

What did you learn about the challenges any new parent faces with a newborn?
How does Sam cope with his new responsibilities as a parent?
What qualities does he possess? What does he lack?
Why do you think society tends to be more accepting of the phobias/obsessive-compulsive tendencies of someone like Rita and less accepting of the autistic-tendencies Sam exhibits?
What disorder did the character Annie suffer from? How did she cope with her disorder?
Did any other characters exhibit symptoms indicative of one of the personality disorders we discussed in class? If so, who? What disorder(s)? What led you to this conclusion?
Did this movie change your impressions of mental disorders and/or disabilities. If so, how?