9/15 – Riddles and Thesis

English IV: 1st block:
Early Ages Common Assessment
Riddle Competition

The Competition

Each student will compose and read their riddle to the class.

Each classmate will have 3 chances to guess at the riddle’s answer.  If the classmate does not answer correctly, he/she goes to the end of the line.

The first person to guess right gets a point and then gets to read his/her riddle to the line.

This will continue until everyone has a chance to read his/her riddle.  The person who guesses the most correct answers wins.


English III: 2nd and 4th blocks:
Main Idea/Thesis – practice identifying, creating, and formatting for different styles


Topic Sentences
Quick Write – 25 min (on topic – thesis and topic sentences)

Quick Write ACT SAT Prompts

HW: Don’t forget NRI quiz