3/2 – 13RW poetry, Body Image, and Characterization

Round Table: 1st block:
Meet with community service group

Hannah’s Poetry powerpoint Hannah’s Poetry 2

Discussion of issues


Round Table: 2nd block:
Meet with community service group

Describe yourself writing

Body Image lesson – collage of “regular” people vs famous people Body Image

Journal: Three things you like about your bodies


English IV: 4th block:
Vocab 2 quiz

2/27 – 13RW, Line, and CT Prologue

Round Table: 1st block:
13RW pages pages 69-92
Play 2 rounds of Telephone

Writing Prompt: Think of a problem at home or at school that you feel comfortable sharing. Write out plausible reasons that trace the logical progression of the problem. Make sure that the sequence of events is in order.
Hannah doesn’t seem to take responsibility for her actions. What responsibility do you have in your own problem?

HW: 13RW pages 93-118


Round Table: 2nd block:
Step to the Line Activity Step to the Line Activity

Personal Reflection Questions – group work bully personal reflection questions


English IV: 4th block:
Padlet 3 sentences with new vocab words and context clues.
Review direct and indirect characterization

Pair up and research characters in the Prologue  http://www.sparknotes.com/nofear/lit/the-canterbury-tales/general-prologue/

2/26 – 13RW, bias, and Canterbury Tales webquest

Round Table: 1st block:
13RW pg 1-53

Discuss in small groups and as a class whether or not the gift will do what Hannah expects.

HW: read to page 68


Round Table: 2nd block:
Harvard Bias test – https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html


English IV: 4th block:
Vocab 2  English IV Vocab Unit 2 Handout

English IV OCS Vocab Unit 2

Word Definition Synonyms (4-5)
avocation noun a hobby or minor occupation. Past-time, interest, hobby
capricious adjective given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior. Unpredictable, inconstant, fickle
Disparity noun a great difference. Discrepancy, inconsistency
efficacy noun the ability to produce a desired or intended result. Effectiveness, success
epistle noun a letter. Note, missive, communication
insipid adjective lacking vigor or interest. Unimaginative, uninspired
impetus noun the force that makes something happen or happen more quickly. Motivation, stimulus, inspiration
Nefarious adjective wicked or criminal. Vile, evil, despicable
reticent adjective not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily. Withdrawn, introverted, shy
vacillate verb be indecisive. Waver, hesitate
akin adjective of similar character. Comparable, equivalent, similar
corroborate verb confirm or give support to (a statement, theory, or finding). Confirm, verify, endorse
inexorable adjective impossible to stop or prevent. Relentless, unstoppable
retinue noun a group of advisers, assistants, or others accompanying an important person. Entourage, escort
torrid adjective 1. very hot and dry 2. full of passionate or highly charged emotions 1. Sweltering 2. passionate

Finish Canterbury Tales Webquest