10/16 – Racism and Table Top Discussions of RPO

Round Table: 1st block:

Continue discussion of racism and bullying



English III: 2nd and 3rd blocks:

Table Top Discussions of first 207 pages of Ready Player One

  • Summarize story thus far
  • What are your favorite parts and why?
  • Favorite characters and why?
  • Favorite thing about the Oasis?
  • Themes seen in the novel thus far

Take notes on the discussion and turn them in

10/9 – Finish Perks and Continue RPO

Round Table: 1st block:

Perks Discussion Questions

LGBTQ+ bullying LGBTQ+ Harassment



English III: 2nd and 3rd blocks:

Vocab padlet: https://padlet.com/kimberlylivaudais/1rybb7bsj3kp


Writing: In chapter 18, we read about Morrow’s Dance Party at Neonoir. Review pages 181-189. Now, write your own description of what YOUR DANCE PARTY would like in OASIS. Consider: music, people/avatar invited, drinks, lighting, etc… and who will confess his/her TRUE LOVE the way Parzival did to Art3mis???

Read to pg 189