4/19 – Spoken Word, Perks, and Hitch hiker’s intro

Round Table: 1st block:
Work on spoken word poem Spoken Word Poetry Assignment

Round Table: 2nd block:
Finish Perks

  1. There are many life-lessons in this story. Describe one.


  1. Until the very end of the movie, Charlie thought his aunt Helen was one of his favorite persons in the world. Why would he feel something like that and why didn’t he remember what she had done to him?
  2. . Aunt Helen tells Charlie that, “It’s our little secret”. This is often said by abusers to their victims. Why would this instruction resonate with a child?4. There is one night shown in this story that changed Charlie’s life forever. Which night was it? Why did you pick this night as being the turning point?

5. Stephen Chbosky, the author/director, said that he wanted to present a story in which none of the characters was a bad person. Was he successful? Is this really a story without a bad person? Explain the reasons for your answer. 6.

6.  Why do really great people sometimes let themselves be treated badly?

7. Flashback is a device that is usually used to fill in a backstory, that is, to tell the audience what has happened before the story told by the book or movie begins. Flashback is used in The Perks of Being a Wallflowerfor that purpose but also for an additional purpose which relates to the description of Charlie’s character. What was that?

English IV: 4th block:
Sci Fi ppt Science Fiction Intro
Get novels
Intro unit project https://sites.google.com/jcsnc.org/hitchhikersguidepbl/home?authuser=1

Before reading, have students in groups of 4, decide what they will bring with them if the world is going to blow up. See problematic situation handout.

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