4/24 – Mental Health Intro and Soc Sem, HHGTTG ch 2-4

Round Table: 1st block:
Mental Health Four Corners
Mental Illness videos with discussion
The Road Back Dramatic Film on Teen Anxiety/Depression
Bressie A Lust for Life 1000 Hours

Journal response to video

HW: Read novel and ready questions for Socratic seminar
HW: Please being in play doh


Round Table: 2nd block:
Mental Health Socratic SeminarĀ Mental Health Socratic Seminar


English IV: 4th block:
HHGTTG CH 2, 3, and 4 – Pgs 20-44

Summarizing Main Idea, POV and narration, Irony and Satire
Irony/Satire HandoutĀ Irony and Satire in the Introduction

Questions on padlet or thinkboard: https://boardthing.com/board/5aa1c2f5af0a2c060f7a6fbe

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