5/2 – Unit 3 test

ALL: Vocab 5

Word POS Definition Syn Ant
aesthetic ADJ pertaining to beauty cultured Ugly
benevolent ADJ friendly, helpful compassionate Malevolent
complacent ADJ ‘pleased or satisfied with how things are, with how they affect one’s self,’ smug dissatisfied
disdain N a feeling of contempt for anything regarded as unworthy contempt respect
exemplary ADJ Worthy of imitation, commendable, model


ideal unworthy
impetuous ADJ Acting in a rash, sudden or thoughtless manner impulsive careful
lugubrious ADJ mournful or dismal in an exaggerated manner melancholy cheerful
perfidious ADJ Deliberately faithless or disloyal treacherous loyal
rancorous ADJ Maliciously resentful or hateful spiteful Loving, nice
spontaneity N impulsive action improvisation lethargy
venerable ADJ Respectable due to age august modern

English III, block 1 and 2:
vocab 5 Vocab 5 handouts
Review Unit 2 and 3 tests


H English III, block 4:
Unit 3 test
MS essay

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