8/29 – Freedom Writers and Essential Questions

Round Table: 1st block:
Quote Du Jour: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Finish Freedom Writers and discussion

Freedom Writers discussion
Miep Gies, the daughter of the family that sheltered Anne Frank is the ‘hero’ of one of the students. She says that all the kids are ‘heroes’. Define everyday heroism. How are you heroic?

What does Erin Gruwell mean when she tells Andre I see you? Why is this so powerful?
Describe how writing in journals helps transform the lives of the students. How does writing “free” the students from their pain?

Discussion questions:
? What practical responsibilities do you have?
? What moral responsibilities do you think you have?

Many of the characters in the film show ‘moral courage’ and do the right thing even when it will cost them something, such as Eva when she tells the court the truth, and Miep, who protected Anne Frank at risk to herself. What other situations can you think of where someone can show moral courage? Write down your ideas.


English III: 2nd and 3rd blocks:

ACT Practice

4. While we went to the store. The other children watched TV.
b) store. All the
c) store, the
d) store. Some of the

5. He did not think it was fair.
b) it. Was fair.
c) it, was fair.
d) it was, fair.

6. John doing the dishes.
b) to do
c) who was doing
d) did


Essential Question:

A truly ‘essential’ research question has the following characteristics:

It has no right or wrong answer

It may start with Should, How, Why, Which, or What if – as opposed to What is

It is open ended and cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no”

It leads us to ask other questions

It requires us to analyze information and make our own judgments, conclusions, or decisions

It deals with issues of great importance to us as human beings, citizens, and/or individuals

It challenges us to make connections between what we learn in various subjects and larger world issues.

Learning how to write a good essential question – EQtraining

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