8/29 – True Colors

Quote Du Jour: “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” -Marcus Aurelius

English IV: 1st block:
Finish True Color
Discuss Learning Styles – get in groups by style and discuss/write favorite learning activities


English III: 2nd and 4th blocks:
Complete True Colors
Do learning style inventory time

True Colors:
Visualize Yourself –
Look at the four Character Cards in the link. Review each of the illustrations, and mentally order them from the one MOST like you to the one LEAST like you.

Read About Yourself –
Now, click the link on the last slide and read the back of each card. Again, arrange them in your mind from the card most like you to the one least like you.
Now, rank them on your worksheet using 4 for the one MOST like you, 3 second, 2 third, and 1 for the card LEAST like you.

Describe Yourself –
On the worksheet provided, look at the rows of word groups. Working ONE ROW at a time, rank each word group in the boxes using a 4 to describe the group of words MOST like you down to a 1 to describe the word group LEAST like you.

Identify your True or Primary Color(s) –
Follow the directions at the bottom of your worksheet to determine your TRUE COLOR!

Group yourself by color! Take a moment to say ¨Hello¨ to those in your group and to think about whether you are surprised by who you see around you! As a group, create a poster identifying the following information about yourselves:



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