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Literary Analysis Handouts

I will start posting various handouts that will help with literary analysis.  I suggest that you print these and put them into an AP Lit binder.

Literary Theories:

Literary theories

Literary Theories – ppt

Student Activity: Literary Theory Chart

Annotation of a text:

Annotation and Practice

How to Mark a Book

Poetry Analysis Handouts:

Poetry and AP Language

Poetry Comparison

Poetry Interpretation

Practice with Various Lit Terms:

ToneSyntaxStyle handout (2)

1 Comment

  1. Joseph Hill

    Hello, Ms. Livaudais! I have pilfered your handout on tone, syntax, and style, and I am most grateful for your having made these materials available to your “colleagues, worldwide.”

    I am working on a project that will improve (I hope) my students’ abilities to speak and write about these topics with accuracy and precision, and I know that this handout will prove invaluable.

    Again, thank you, and happy holidays!

    Joseph Hill

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