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Literary Analysis Handouts

I will start posting various handouts that will help with literary analysis.  I suggest that you print these and put them into an AP Lit binder.

Literary Theories:

Literary theories

Literary Theories – ppt

Student Activity: Literary Theory Chart

Annotation of a text:

Annotation and Practice

How to Mark a Book

Poetry Analysis Handouts:

Poetry and AP Language

Poetry Comparison

Poetry Interpretation

Practice with Various Lit Terms:

ToneSyntaxStyle handout (2)


  1. Joseph Hill

    Hello, Ms. Livaudais! I have pilfered your handout on tone, syntax, and style, and I am most grateful for your having made these materials available to your “colleagues, worldwide.”

    I am working on a project that will improve (I hope) my students’ abilities to speak and write about these topics with accuracy and precision, and I know that this handout will prove invaluable.

    Again, thank you, and happy holidays!

    Joseph Hill

  2. Lily Tittle

    Hello, Ms. Livaudais! You have saved my virtual teaching life. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful lessons and material. You are greatly appreciated.

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