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English I – Genre (9th grade)

ENGLISH I – 9th grade

English I is an EOC course with a state test as a final exam.  In English I, students focus on different genres of literature – epic, poetry, short story, novel, and non-fiction.

Students in English I explore the ways that audience, purpose, and context shape oral communication, written communication, and media and technology. While emphasis is placed on communicating for purposes of personal expression, students also engage in meaningful communication for expressive, expository, argumentative, and literary purposes. In English I, students will:

  • Express reflections and reactions to literature and to personal experience.
  • Explain meaning, describe processes, and answer research questions.
  • Evaluate communication and critique texts.
  • Make and support an informed opinion.
  • Participate in conversations about and written analysis of literary genres, elements, and traditions.
  • Use knowledge of language and standard grammatical conventions


Various Documents:

Silent Sustained Reading Project (SSR) SSR Project Handout

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