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Lord of the Flies



Introduction of Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Introduction Notes

Lord of the Flies Introduction Notes
Literature Circles

Introductory Activity for LOTF – put yourself in the character’s place

LotF Inroductory Activity


Ch 1 – Literature Circle Questions

Ch 1 Lit Circle Questions


Ch 2-3 – Literature Circle Questions

Chapters 2-3 Lit Circle Questions


Ch 4-7 – Literature Circle Questions

Ch 4-7 lit circle questions

Ch 8-11– Literature Circle Questions

Ch 8-11 lit circle questions


Ch 12– Literature Circle Question

Ch 12 Questions Literature Questions

Characterization Writing

LotF Postcard Rubric


Unit Assessments:

LotF Project Ideas

Novel Unit Project Rubrics

Lord of the Flies End of Book Review


LotF Exam 

Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis for LotF

Literary Analysis Rubric[1]




Lord of The Flies Pacing

Day One – Introduction of the Novel

Day Two – Introductory Activity

Day Three – Read ch 1 pp. 7-17     HW: Finish ch 1 pp. 18-31

Day Four – Reading Circles for ch 1

Day Five – Read ch 2 pp. 32-47       HW: Ch 3 pp. 48-57

Day Six – Reading Circles for ch 2-3        HW: ch 4 pp. 58-75

Day Seven – ch 5 pp.76 -94          HW: Ch 6 pp. 95-108

Day Eight – Ch 7 pp. 109-123

Day Nine – Reading Circles for ch 5-7       LotF postcart activity

Day Ten – Ch 8-9  pp.124-154     HW: Ch 10 pp. 155-168

Day Eleven – Ch 11 pp. 169-182

Day Twelve – Reading Circles for ch 8-11

Day Thirteen –  Ch 12 183-202    Lit Circles for ch 12

Day Fourteen: Literary Analysis

Day Fifteen: Test



  1. Erika I

    Hi there,

    Great unit on LOTF. I especially think your unit test is pretty rigorous to use with my 7th graders. Any chance you can email me a copy of your answers to my work email address ( Thanks a bunch and God bless.

    Erika Imhoff

  2. LaToi Ware

    I am certified to teach both English and Spanish. Initially I was teaching Spanish when suddenly one of the English teachers became ill. She has taken a leave and will not return to work. I found out on a Friday that I’d be the new English teacher beginning the next Monday. I now have 2 AP Lit courses, 3 freshmen courses, and 1 creative writing course. I say all of that to say, your website is a lifesaver. I am giving you FULL credit for your materials. But I will be using many of them. God Bless teachers who are willing to share! Hopefully I can return the favor one day.

    Warmest Regards,
    Ms. LaToi’ Ware

  3. Barbara Tollison

    Hi, I love your unit. Last week, I linked to several of your files and was able to use them as inspirations; today, I get error codes. I would love to keep you as a source. If you have a way to open your files again, I’d love it. You are so awesome and creative.

  4. Libby

    Hi, I came across your unit on Lord of the Flies and would like to use the exam. I was wondering if I could have you email a copy of the answers.

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