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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is the play to read for 9th grade.

Day One:

Introductory R & J power point

R and J Introduction PowerPoint(1)

Background Reading Guide

Background Reading Guide with Blanks







Day Two:

Shakespearean Insults

Shakespearean Language Insults _ Compliments

Love Survey to be used throughout the play for theme and POV: Love Survey

Anticipation Guide

Anticipation guide for Romeo _ Juliet

Give students Reading Study Guide:

Romeo and Juliet Study Guide

Theme Reader’s Journal:


Day Three:

Read Prologue

Re-writing the prologue:

Prologue Translation

Creating Puns



Day Four-Five:

Read Act 1

Act 1 Cumulative Activity

Act I Cumulative Activity

Analyzing Setting in Act 1:



Day Six-Seven:

Read Act 2

Act 2 Activities

Act II Activities

What’s in a Name? poem

What’s in a Name Poem with Questions

Day Eight-Nine:

Read Act 3

Act 3 Activity

Act III Activity

Breaking Down Juliet’s Soliloquy group work

Juliet’s Soliloquy Acitivity

Day Ten-Eleven:

Read Acts 4 and 5

Irony and Theme Dramatic Irony ws

Constructed Response Practice:


Day Twelve:

Station Work on R&J




Day Thirteen-Fourteen:

Character Essay

Romeo and Juliet Character Decision Essay

Day Fifteen:

R&J Test

Romeo and Juliet Test

Other Resources:

News article on real life Romeo and Juliet found in Mantua

Archaeologists Extracting Ancient Lovers

Projects for R&J


Create a License Plate for R&J


Group Work Background Research on R&J:



 Audio on Libravox for each Act of play