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To Kill A Mockingbird

TKAM. This book is taught partly because of its canonical merit (literary value) and the themes and issues it addresses. Such issues that this book develops are not new to society today, but it allows students to experience firsthand through their reading the sensitive issues of prejudice and racism. It provokes ideas about how cultures and values differ among groups of people and how individuals come to choose their own value system.

TKAM Intro Powerpoint

TKAM Introduction PowerPoint

Pre-reading activities from Prestwick:

TKAM pre-reading activities

Study guide Questions for all chapters:

TKAM Study Guide


 Anticipation Guide for TKAM.



Ch 5-8

Activities – characterization and symbolism

An Interesting Character


Ch 9-11

characterization and symbolism

Diagnosing A Disease

Themes in the novel

One Theme Leads to Another


Ch 12-16

 Trapped – Activity on theme and characterization



Ch 17-23

Eye Witness Reaction to Trial


20 – Closing statement group discussion



Station Activity for ch 1-24

Stations Activity for To Kill a Mockinbird

Foils and mirror characters

Foiled Again

Mirror, Mirror

Prejudice group work





 End of novel questions:

Hey, Boo





Ch1-15 Quiz


 TKAM Unit Test


Scout Climbs Out of her Own Skin – students connect their lives with Scout

Scout Climbs into Her Own Skin

Write a literary analysis – critical eye

With a Critical Eye

 Film Guide





 Other Resources: Audio thanks to Diana Beam

Group Projects for TKAM:

To Kill a Mockingbird Project