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English II – World Lit (10th grade)

World Literature – 10th grade.

The tenth-grade student will become a skilled communicator in small-group learning activities. The student will examine, analyze, and produce media messages. The student will continue development of vocabulary, with attention to connotations, idioms, allusions, and evolution of
language. The student will read and analyze literary texts from a variety of eras and cultures. Attention will be given to the analysis of nonfiction texts. The student will critique the writing of peers and professionals, using analysis to improve writing skills. The student will continue to build research skills by crediting sources and presenting information in a format appropriate for content. Grammar knowledge will be expanded as the student presents, writes, and edits materials, applying the conventions of language.

Performance Based Assessments:

During the 2017-2018 school year, Chesterfield County Public Schools chose to verify the End-of-Course High School Writing credit by having students compose a series of three performance assessments that serve as a body of evidence, as outlined by the Virginia Department of Education, instead of the multiple-choice and short paper test. This means students will receive a composite score after composing all three writing tasks.

Starting with the 2018-2019 ninth grade class, ninth grade will write a persuasive task, tenth grade will write an analysis task that incorporates research, and eleventh grade will write an argumentative task that also incorporates research.

10th Grade (Analysis) & 11th Grade (Argument): Students can write to these prompts in an essay in advance. However, students must write to a new topic OR new text that they have not previously used for a class assignment or assessment.


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