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Medea unit (the play, NOT the movie)

Short StoryUnit Plan
English 10th grade
By Kimberly Baker
VDOE Standards10.1 The student will participate in, collaborate in, and report on small-group learning activities 10.4 The student will read, comprehend, and analyze literary texts of different cultures and eras. a) Identify main and supporting ideas. b) Make predictions, draw inferences, and connect prior knowledge to support reading comprehension. e) Identify universal themes prevalent in the literature of different cultures.  
Essential QuestionsHow do authors create meaning in stories? How do stories reflect conflict and characterization seen in real life?
Day OneMedea Intro ppt, Dramatic Purpose ppt, and Anticipation Guide
Days TwoRead Medea episode 1 and answer questions on episode 1
Day ThreeRead Medea episode 2 and answer group questions on episode 2  
Day FourRead Medea episode 3 and answer group questions on episode 3  
Day FiveRead Medea episode 4 and 5 and answer group questions on episode 4 and 5  
Day SixJigsaw Discussion Questions on Discussion Board blog
Day Seven Poetry handout that have similar themes as found in Medea
Day EightGroup activity where students create Medea skits
Day NineMedea Test