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My Forbidden Face Unit

My Forbidden FaceUnit Plan
English 10th grade
By Kimberly Baker
VDOE Standards10.2 The student will analyze, produce, and examine similarities and differences between visual and verbal media messages. c) Determine the author’s purpose and intended effect on the audience for media messages. 10.4 The student will read, comprehend, and analyze literary texts of different cultures and eras. a) Identify main and supporting ideas. h) Evaluate how an author’s specific word choices, syntax, tone, and voice shape the intended meaning of the text, achieve specific effects and support the author’s purpose. 10.6 The student will develop a variety of writing to persuade, interpret, analyze, and evaluate with an emphasis on exposition and analysis.  
Essential QuestionsHow do people react to racism and gender bias in other areas of the world? How do young females deal with oppression? How do people maintain their humanity in the face of dehumanization?
Day OnePower Point Introduction and Anticipation Guide
Days Two“To Be a Refugee” video activity
Day ThreeRead chapter 1
Day FourRead chapter 2
Day FiveComplete Study Guide and Writing Activity for chapters 1-2
Day SixRead chapter 3
Day SevenRead chapter 4
Day EightComplete Study Guide and Writing Activity for chapters 3-4
Day NineRead chapter 5
Day TenRead chapter 6
Day 11Complete Study Guide and Writing Activity for chapters 5-6
Day 12Read chapter 7
Day 13Complete Study Guide and Writing Activity for chapter 7
Day 14Table Talks group discussion activity from book
Day 15Middle Eastern Poetry handout
Day 16Socratic Seminar
Day 17-18Final Projects handout
Day 19Test
 Day 21-22 Writing an Argument handout