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English III – American Lit (11th grade)

Welcome to Mrs. Livaudais English  classroom!

Please check the daily posts for each day’s lessons, notes, and handouts.  You can also check each unit’s page for all handouts and notes.

11-12 Eng III Class Expectations Livaudais 



Students in English III analyze United States literature as it reflects social perspective and historical significance by continuing to use language for expressive, expository, argumentative, and literary purposes. The emphasis in English III is critical analysis of texts through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and using media.


North Carolina is implementing the Common Core State Standards. Those standards for English III can be found here:

Common Core


The English III PLC determined the Essential Outcomes based on the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

RL: Reading Standards for Literature
RI: Reading Standards for Informational Text
WS: Writing Standards
SL: Speaking and Listening Standards
LS: Language Standards

  1. Students will trace the development of the American Dream in American Literature. (RL 2, 9; RI -2, 7, 9)
  2. Students will trace and develop central ideas by choosing appropriate primary and secondary sources, choosing the strongest evidence, and citing that evidence accurately. (RL 1; RI 1; WS 9; SL 4)
  3. Students will be able to write and publish coherent well-planned essays at the appropriate CCR level for specific audiences and purposes that require research and the writing process. (WS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  4. Students will prepare and orally present a formal presentation on a chosen subject as well as participate in collaborative discourse with peers. (SL 1, 3, 4)
  5. Students will compare and contrast characteristics of different literary eras in American literature and formulate opinions as to the causes of these similarities and differences. (RL 9)
  6. Students will demonstrate a command of the conventions of formal and Standard English and determine the appropriateness of the style by evaluating the purpose and the impact on the audience.  (LS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  7. Students will make strategic use of digital media for multiple purposes and in multiple formats. (SL 2, 5)
  8. Evaluate the effectiveness of rhetoric and/or quality of the author’s choices in consideration of the audience, purpose, and speaker. (RL – 3, 4, 5; RI- 4, 5, 6, 8, 9)

Vocabulary Units

Vocab 1 Handouts F16 English III Unit 1 Vocabulary

Quizlet for Vocab 1

Vocab 2 Handouts F16 English II Unit 2 Vocabulary

Quizlet for Vocab 2

Vocab 3 Handouts F16 English III Unit 3 Vocabulary

Quizlet for Vocab 3

Vocab 4 Handouts F16 English III Unit 4 Vocabulary

Quizlet for Vocab 4

Vocab 5 Handouts F16 English III Unit 5 Vocabulary

Quizlet for Vocab 5

Vocab 6 Handouts F16 English III Unit 6 Vocabulary

Quizlet for Vocab 6

Grammar Units

Capitalization – ACT
Apostrophes and Possessives – ACT
Commas and Semi-colons – ACT
Sentence Creations – fragments and run-ons – ACT
Phrases and clauses

Necessary Supplies for my class:

  • Notebook for journaling
  • Pencils
  • Blue or black (only) ink pens
  • 1″ binder with loose leaf paper  [unless you use AVID notebooks, it which case, you will use a 4″ binder for all four of your classes]
  • 5 dividers (this will be used within the English section of an AVID notebook as well)
  • 4 pack of multi-color highlighters
  • post-it notes
  • White poster board
  • USB flash-drive (do not get Scandisk.  They are cheap, but they do not work well with our server.  You will lose information if you save information from a school computer to a Scandisk.  Likewise, information saved at home may not open at school.)

Highly recommended:  MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers 7th Edition

You can get a copy at Amazon for $15 –

Teacher Wish List:

  • kleenex
  • paper towels
  • hand sanitizer
  • colored computer paper
  • purple pens


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