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Bean Trees

Bean Trees unit

Common Core Standards:

RI 11.2: Determine two or more central ideas of a text and analyze their development over the course of a text

RL 11.2: Determine two or more themes or ideas central to the text and analyze the development; summarize text

RL11.4:  Determine meaning of words/phrases used in text – figurative lang., connotative meanings – how words affect tone and meaning, symbolism, motif.

Lit Terms:

–          Motif

–          Symbolism

–          Tone

–          Parallelism

–          Imagery

–          Theme

Day Activity Handout
Day 1 Bean Trees introduction and anticipation guide 

Pre-reading journal

Bean Trees pre-reading journalBean Trees Anticipation Guide
Day 2 Read Bean Trees ch 1HW: Finish chapter one
Day 3 Discussion of ch. 1Answer questions
Day 4 What is the central idea of the article?   What language/words/phrases does the author use to develop the central idea?  How does the central idea challenge typical social reactions?  How does the article relate to Bean Trees?Begin Bean Trees chapter 2


I Was a Teenage Mother article
Day 5 Finish Bean Trees ch 2 and read ch 3 

HW: Answer questions

Day 6 Read Bean Trees ch 4 
Day 7 Read Bean Trees Ch 5 

Finish for hw


Day 8 Read Bean Trees Ch 6 

HW:  Answer questions

Day 9 Single Parent ArticleDiscussion on POV and central idea


Being a Single Parent Is Many Things article
Day 10 Read Bean Trees Ch 7 
Day 11 Read Bean Trees Ch 7-8 
Day 12 Read Bean Trees Ch 9 
Day 13 Articles on immigrationWhat is the central idea?  How does the author illustrate his point of view?

Class immigration debate

HW: Questions on ch 6-9

The Realities Behind the Immigration Debate article, 

Former Leader of Guatemala Is Guilty of Genocide Against Mayan Group article

Immigration reform bill may shift Arizona article


Day 14 Personal Narrative – Write in class  Personal Narrative
Day 15 Lit circle discussions of book 

HW: Read Bean Trees ch 10-11

Day 16 Read Bean Trees Ch 12 
Day 17 Read Bean Trees Ch 13 
Day 18 Mini- Essay: The Bean Trees deals with the theme of being an outsider. In what ways are various characters outsiders? What does this suggest about what it takes to be an insider? How does feeling like an outsider affect one’s life? 

Answer Questions for ch 10-13


Day 19 Read Bean Trees Ch 14 

HW: finish ch 14

Day 20 Read Bean Trees Ch 15-16 

HW: Finish ch 17

Day 21 Questions for ch 14-17 

Class Discussion

Day 22 Test on Bean Trees 


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