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Ready Player One

Lesson Plan Title: Ready Player One

Subject/Grade: English III/11

Developed by: Kimberly Livaudais

Unit Plan Name: Contemporary Lit/Ready Player One [RPO]


The project will focus on ELA 11 standards: RL 11.2, RL 11.4, W 11.2 A and B, W 11.6, SL 11.1D, AND SL 11.4. While this project is for the English III classroom, this particular novel is uniquely suited to be Cross Curricular Standards:

Science & Technical Subjects: Key Ideas & Details RST.11-12.1, 11-12.2; Craft & Structure RST.11-12.4, 11-12.6; Integration of Knowledge & Ideas RST.11-12.8, 11-12.9; Writing Text Types and Purposes WHST.11-12.1a-f, 11-12.2a-f; Production & Distribution of Writing WHST.11-12.4, 11-12.5, 11-12.5; Research to Build & Present Knowledge WHST.11-12.7, 11-12.8, 11-12.9; Range of Writing WHST 11-12.10

Timeline of Implementation:

Handouts and Homework

Day 1

Video Game Revolution Documentary

Video Game Study Guide

Day 2

Finish Documentary and study guide

Anticipation Guide

Day 3

Introduce PBL for Ready Player One and have students brainstorm and choose their projects. Presentations due at the end of the unit

HW: Work on PBL

Day 4

0000-0001 pg. 1-26

HW: Work on PBL

Day 5

Class activity: Create your own avatar

  1. Describe your avatar (name, background, appearance, likes, and interests, etc.)
  2. What skills/abilities does your avatar have that will help it succeed in its environment?
  3. In what ways is your avatar different than you? In what ways is it similar?
  4. In what kind of environments would your avatar not be appropriate?

Reflect on the avatars you created. Identify avatars that you have already created and use in your life. Why did you create these avatars? Are there situations in which you benefit from having an avatar?

HW: 0002-0003 RPO pg. 27-46

Day 6

0004-0005 pg. 47-60

HW: Answer blog questions.

Read p. 60. How much social time do you spend in the online world? For a week, calculate the number of hours that you spend using a social media platform or virtual program.

This includes the time that you spend sending tweets, checking Facebook, Snap chatting, playing video or computer games, etc. What percentage of your week do you spend engaged in social activities online? Do you think this number is high or low? How does it compare to the percentage of your week you should spend sleeping (25%), going to class and studying (21%-36%), or engaging in face-to-face social activities?

Day 7

Social Media Debates

HW: Work on PBL

Day 8

Class Activity: Solve Riddles – you cannot advance until you have answered the riddle.

0006-0008 pg. 61-86

Writing: Journal #1

Day 9

Work on PBL

HW: 0009-0010 RPO pg. 87-108

Day 10

0011-0012 pg 108-128

Day 11

“The WarGames Scenario”: Regulating Teenagers and Teenaged Technology (1980-1984).

Read this article at

7. Afterwards, summarize the entire article in 250 words or less. Write an information piece for someone 80 years of age or older and explain how the film portrayed the internet to adolescents at the time. Remember: People in their 80’s will have lived through the 1980’s.

HW: RPO 0013-0014 pg. 129-148

Day 12

0015-0016 pg. 149-166

Day 13

0017-0018 pg. 167-189

HW: Journal 3

Day 14

0019-0020 pg. 190-207

HW: Journal 4

Day 15

0021-0022 pg. 208-225

Day 16

0023-0024 pg. 226-240

HW: Journal 5

Day 17

Work on PBL

Day 18

0025-0026 pg. 241-258

HW: Journal 6

Day 19

Out of body experiences can be triggered by specifically designed virtual experiences coupled with real life sensations (see for example Review the experiments that produce these experiences. What do they tell us about our sense of ‘self’, and our mapping of ‘self’ to our body?

Class discussion

HW: 0027-0028 pg. 259-2750027-0028 pg. 259-275

Day 20

0029-0030 pg. 277-294

HW: 0031-0032 pg. 295-312

Day 21

0033-0034 pg. 313-334

HW: Journal 7

Day 22

0035-0037 pg. 335-359

Day 23

0038 pg. 360-372

HW: Journal 8

Day 24

Review what you have learned:

Day 25

RPO Test

HW: Finish PBL

Day 26-28

Present PBL

Student Friendly statements focus and objective(s): (I can … or I will… statements)

I will complete a PBL based upon my interests within the context of the unit.

I will research my topic as well as topics given by the teacher.

I will actively participate in small group and class discussions.

I will actively participate in socratic seminars.

I will present my project to the class.

Materials and Resources (include digital resources):

Ready Player One

“The WarGames Scenario”: Regulating Teenagers and Teenaged Technology (1980-1984).

Video Game Revolution Documentary

Essential Question(s): (Big ideas written as questions… should be written as open ended to allow for in depth exploration)

<![if !supportLists]>1. <![endif]>How does social media and gaming define a generation?

<![if !supportLists]>2. <![endif]>What are the risks of global warming on American society?

<![if !supportLists]>3. <![endif]>How is technology both helpful and harmful?

Activating Prior Knowledge: (What do students need to know for success and for understanding?)

Gaming, Basic research skills,

Literary Text Considerations:

Ready Player One

Informational Text Considerations:

“Virtual Reality Illusions Produce Out of Body Experiences in the Lab.” Discover Magazine. 28 July 2009.

“The WarGames Scenario”: Regulating Teenagers and Teenaged Technology (1980-1984).

“Video Game Revolution Documentary.: Youtube.