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A thematic unit utilizing Octavia Butler’s novel Kindred and nonfiction supplementary material.

If you have developed any lessons, quizzes, or tests that you would be willing to share on this site, please email me as well.  I don’t mind sharing, but if more people created, we could put together something fantastic!

I am excited to add a link to FREE audio recording of the novel HERE.

Kindred Unit Plan

Common Core Standards:

RL 11.3:  Analyze the impact of the author’s choices regarding how to develop and relate elements of a story or drama (e.g., where a story is set, how the action is ordered, how the characters are introduced and developed).

RL 11.5: Analyze impact of author’s choice of how to structure specific parts of the text.

RL 11.6:  Assess how point of view or purpose shapes the context and style of a text


–          Point of View

–          Tone

–          Theme

–          Imagery

Day Activity Handout
Day 1 Begin Kindred   Background on Butler Kindred Introduction

Octavia Butler Interview

Day 2 Read articles and determine main idea and point of view.  Discuss the viability of time travel.  Faster Than Light time travel article

Professor predicts human time travel this century article

Day 3 Read Kindred Prologue-Fire 1.2 pp. 10-33 Kindred Questions
Day 4 Reading questions for Prologue and River

Read Kindred Pp 33-51

HW: Finish the reading

Day 5 Reading quiz on Fire

Read and summarize Fugitive Slave Act

Reflection: How does knowing this historical background help you understand the novel?

Fugitive Slave Act
Day 6 Read Kindred The Fall – Pp 52-74
Day 7 Harriet Jacobs excerpt compare/contrast with Kindred

HW: Read Kindred pg 74-91 to part 6

 Incidents in the Life of a Slave GirlThe Life of Harriet Jacobs
Day 8 Read Kindred Pp 91-107

HW: Answer reading questions

Day 9 Reading Quiz on the Fall

Read Kindred pp 108-131

Day 10 The Emancipation Proclamation – summarize and apply to novel

HW: Read Kindred 131-143

 The Emancipation Proclamation
Day 11 Read Kindred Pp 143-160

HW: Finish reading

Day 12 Read Kindred pp. 160-188
Day 13 Quiz on Fire

Read Kindred pp. 189-209

Day 14 Read Kindred pp. 209-239
Day 15 Reading quiz on The Storm

Read Kindred Pp 240-251

Day 16 Read Kindred pp 252-264

Final Discussion

Day 17 Kindred Test

Begin Kindred Project

 Kindred Unit Project
Day 18 Kindred Project
Day 19 Kindred Project
Day 20 Present Kindred Project

And the much requested tests and quizzes:



These are short answer quizzes for basic reading comprehension  Standard&EC Reading Quizzes for Fire, Fall, and Storm


Quiz for first half of the novel for basic reading comprehension  Kindred Reading Quiz


Multiple Choice Quizzes for each section using

common core style questions

 Kindred Quizzes
Standard/EC  Final Test for novel  Kindred Test(Standard)


Final Test for novel using common core style questions  Kindred Test F14


  1. Courtney Rogers

    I would love to use your unit as a base for teaching Kindred. Can you email the quizes and tests? I would so appreciate it.

    It also looks like you are a tenure ELA teacher. So you might be able to help me. I’m also thinking about teaching Jubilee by Margaret Walker. I’ve looked all over the web and I haven’t had any luck finding any units or plans. Do you know of any resources?

    Thank you!!

  2. Emily Peterson

    I am a reading specialist and am teaching Kindred for the first time to 10th graders—would love to see what your tests and quizzes are like. Also, were your final projects successful? Those look like real possibilities for my students. Thanks!

  3. Jane Smith

    I would also love to take a look at your tests and quizzes. Would it be possible for you to send them? I love your unit and have used bits and pieces in my teaching of Kindred. Thank you in advance.

  4. Julianna Tress

    I am interested in using some of your ideas for next year. Is there any way I can see what your quizzes and tests are like for this novel. Thank you,

  5. Molly Bechtel

    Thank you for sharing this unit outline! I was hoping you could send me the quizzes and test you reference above.


  6. Tina Byers

    I am a second year teacher looking to include recent literature in my classes. I hope to be teaching Kindred. Can you please email me your quizzes and tests for the novel.
    Thank you.

  7. Shelly Blay

    I am teaching multicultural literature for the first time and am very interested in any test or quizzes you would be willing to share for the novel, Kindred. Thank you for sharing your well-organized and thought-provoking lessons.

  8. Chris G

    I really like the way you’ve set up this unit and included other resources to compliment the novel. Could I please get a copy of your quizzes and test?

    Thank You

  9. Mr. Nelson

    Good Morning, I was interested in your test/quizzes, but I didn’t see your email address. Would it be possible for you to email them to me? If so my email address is mnelson17@

  10. Sara Sabbagh

    Awesome Unit breakdown! Thank you for posting. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your quizzes and tests, I’d really appreciate it! THANKS! Hope your school year is going fabulously!

  11. Carla Seabrook Gourdine

    I am very impressed with your page, activities and support resources. I would really appreciate it if you would share the reading quizzes and test as well.
    Kindest regards,

  12. Cara


    Thank you for sharing your unit plan with us, could you send me your tests and quizzes? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you!

    All the best,

  13. Lisa Sullivan


    Thank you for the resources! If possible, can I take a look at your quizzes and tests? I would also like to share some lesson plans that were created by myself and a set of plans created by University of Michigan student. This is my first time teaching Kindred although I developed a unit plan on it in grad school. I am excited to share it with my students!

  14. Diane Cornelius

    My students and I really enjoyed using your unit on the Kindred. I was wondering if you could send any quizzes or tests for this unit?

    Thank you for making my life as a teacher easier.

  15. Barbara Moore

    Hello, I like your unit on Kindred. I am not using your unit in its entirety, because I found a teacher’s guide on, directly linked to her website. In addition, I have put together short answer quizzes for each chapter/section; however, I was wondering if I can review your quizzes/tests? Are your quizzes and tests all short answer, or do you have multiple choice, etc.? I would be most appreciative.

    Barbara Moore

  16. Nicole

    This is my first time teaching this piece and I love your unit. Your final project is amazing. How successful were they? Were you pleased with the products? I would also love to see your tests and quizzes for this unit. Could you please email them to me? I would greatly appreciate it.

  17. James Bruss

    I am also teaching Kindred for the 1st time. Your outline and resources are thorough and interesting. Could you please send me your tests and quizzes? Thanks!

  18. C. August Haygood

    This is my second year teaching Kindred to my Pre-AP English 10 class, if possible could you send me any tests and quizzes, and anything else you may have on Kindred?

  19. Shamecca S. Williams

    I’m a 10th grade English teacher and this is my first time teaching Kindred. This unit is sooo helpful! Is there any additional pieces (tests/quizzes) that you could share? Thanks again!

  20. Jessica

    Hello! I love this novel, and I’m looking forward to teaching it to my students next year. Your materials are wonderful. Would you mind sending the quizzes and tests?

    Thank you! 🙂

  21. Julianna Tress

    I love your lesson plans and the timeline for Kindred. I am starting this novel with my CP class today and would like to see your tests and quizzes. Is there anyway you can send them to me? If so, here is amy address- or either address is good for me.
    Thank you,

  22. Stephanie Gryfakis

    I so appreciate all the articles you found to supplement this rich novel. Can you please send me your quizzes and tests? I plan on starting this novel in a few weeks and will gladly share my own tests once I’ve finished the unit.

    Thank you so much!

  23. Jennifer Smith

    I am very discerning when it comes to teaching! This unit is well-paced and so useful. I would love access to your quizzes and tests if you are still willing to share them.

    Thank you!


  24. Scott Blair


    I have been given the opportunity to teacher Ms. Butler’s Kindred. I would really appreciate you emailing me the quizzes and tests you have for her book. I will gladly share my study guides when I put them together.

    Scott Blair

  25. Carmen Bush

    Hello! I hope you are still willing to share your quizzes/tests for this unit. I’m so excited to teach it this semester and would love to see what you’ve made! I’ll happily share what we create too – our final project will look a bit different as our theme is based more on personal identity.

  26. Jeanene

    Hi! I am beginning a Unit on *Kindred*, and this is the first time I have taught it. I would appreciate any quizzes or tests you may have, and I will also send you anymore stuff I develop. Thank you so muh!

  27. Michelle Fuller

    Hi there!

    I love all of your stuff! This is my second time teaching the book. I LOVE this book! It was my favorite book in college! I like to add in things from Night/Nazi Germany, a mini lesson on black stereotypes (mammy), and listen to Negro Spirituals. Could I also get your tests and quizzes???

  28. Mitch T

    Kindred is a novel I was very pleased to read during college, and knew that someday I would be using it in a classroom. Seeing how you’ve prepared a unit will be instrumental to the construction of my own. I very much appreciate what you’ve laid out here and I hope you, and all those who’ve borrowed it, found great success with this novel as it truly is a great one.

  29. Annette delaLlana

    Thank you so much for sharing your outline. The integration between Kindred and nonfiction text is incredible. Would it be possible to email your materials? My email is I am a middle school teacher and would love to incorporate Kindred or Parable of the Talents (excerpts) into the units that I am planning this year.

    Thank you!

  30. Annie Hicks

    Thank you so much for a place to start! I read this book a few years ago and loved it! I just discovered that I have the opportunity to add it to my classroom curriculum. I am planning on doing this book in January of this year, and I am a little lost/behind. I love what you have out here and was wondering if you would be willing to share your materials with me – I would really appreciate any help you can give.

    Thanks so much!

  31. Jelena Zivko

    I am very impressed with your page, activities, and resources. My eighth graders are really enjoying the novel Kindred. It would be much appreciated if you can email me reading quizzes and test answer keys. Thank you!

    Kindest regards,
    Mrs. Z

  32. Ms. Clarke

    Amazing resources; I am teaching this for the first time to my advanced students as an independent study, and your materials and ideas are a lifesaver. Thanks so much!

  33. Christine

    I am teching this to English foreign language leanrers. Seems great! Would it be possible to get the key to tests, questions and quizzes?

  34. Paul S Holmquist

    I’m a first year teacher this Fall and am planning on Kindred as a culminating unit for my sophomores – would you be willing to share your quizzes and test for this plan? Thank you for sharing!

  35. Patricia Rowe

    I am interested in using some of your ideas for next year. Is there any way I can see what your quizzes and tests are like for this novel. Thank you,

  36. Patricia Rowe

    I am interested in using some of your ideas for next year. Is there any way I can see what your quizzes and tests are like for this novel.

    Thank you,

  37. Misty

    Hi! I’m going to be teaching Kindred for the first time this year, and your unit plan looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing it. You’ve brought my stress level down quite a bit with this.

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