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English IV – British Lit (12th grade)

Course Description:

Students in English IV will integrate all the language arts skills gained throughout their education.  The curriculum both affirms these skills and equips the students to be life-long learners.  Students continue to explore expressive, expository, argumentative, and literary contexts with a focus on British Literature.  The emphasis in English IV is on argumentation by developing a position of advocacy through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and using media.  In addition, English IV incorporates the Graduation Project.  During the  semester, students will complete the product (a visual demonstration and outgrowth  of the junior paper – MUST be a MINIMUM of 15 hours), e-portfolio that contains all the documents important to the project and will be viewed by a panel of judges, and the presentation – a seven-to ten minute presentation of your research paper, product, and portfolio before a panel of judges to a panel of community and faculty judges at the end of the English IV semester.

Common Core Standards: CCSS unpacked 11-12

Pacing Guide: LIVAUDAIS Eng IV PLANNING GUIDE updated 11-8

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