10/24 – 13RW and Crucible

Roundtable, 1st block:

Thirteen Reasons Why
Final activity – Find 13 different quotes that “speak to you” from the novel. The quotes should provide an insight into how to lead your life. Create a quote page based on thirteen favorite quotations from the book.

HW: Questions/quotes for socratic seminar

English III, 2nd and 3rd block:

Crucible Test

10/19 – 13RW and Crucible Articles

Roundtable, 1st block:
13RW class discussion –
Journal: Think about a time when you stood by and let something bad happen. Write about that time. Take responsibility for your part and write about what you would do in that situation again.

Read pp 232-253 – finish for homework

English III, 2nd and 3rd block:
Integrating quotes with The Crucible thesis%20_%20quotes