5/12 – OMAM and Our Town

English III, block 1 and 2:
OMAM ch 3 – Read and answer chapter questions
H English III, block 4:
How It Feels to Be Coloured Me quiz
Intro discussion (see next two slides)
Intro to Our Town ppt Our Town

Reflect, either mentally or on paper, on an average day in your lives. “What do you see and do when you first wake up? What things do you use? What clothes do you choose? Who is there? What about as your day goes on? What is it like outside? What are the sounds you hear? What meaningful conversations do you have? Who shares those conversations with you? What makes you laugh? What do you eat? What possessions do you have with you? As you go to bed, what memorable experiences are you thinking about?”

Write a list of things you are grateful for, based on their “average day” reflections and other things that pop up as you write.

Look for items that are both precious and ordinary. For each example, ask: What would your life be like if this thing (relationship, experience, etc.) no longer existed? What would you lose besides the thing itself? Is there an easy substitute for it? Do you think that in the past, it was easier to appreciate the small things? If so, what has changed in our culture? Do you think people your age find it easy or difficult to appreciate the simple things in life? Explain.

Intro Activity: Our Town Introductory Activity
Create Town – In groups of 4-5, students will use poster board or butcher paper and draw the town as it is described in the stage directions. This is a class grade. The class will vote on which group drew the best and closest representation to the play. As the directions are somewhat vague, their representations may vary.


5/3 – Harlem Renaissance and resume

ALL: Write three sentences that use 3 vocab words and context clues.

English III, Blocks 2 and 3:
Harlem Renaissance poetry assignment Comparing the Poems of the Harlem Renaissance


H English III, Block 4:
Create curriculum vitae

Open google doc and save a copy to your drive naming it with your name and resume: Kimberly Livuadais resume

College Resume template:

Workforce resume template:

5/2 – Unit 3 test

ALL: Vocab 5

Word POS Definition Syn Ant
aesthetic ADJ pertaining to beauty cultured Ugly
benevolent ADJ friendly, helpful compassionate Malevolent
complacent ADJ ‘pleased or satisfied with how things are, with how they affect one’s self,’ smug dissatisfied
disdain N a feeling of contempt for anything regarded as unworthy contempt respect
exemplary ADJ Worthy of imitation, commendable, model


ideal unworthy
impetuous ADJ Acting in a rash, sudden or thoughtless manner impulsive careful
lugubrious ADJ mournful or dismal in an exaggerated manner melancholy cheerful
perfidious ADJ Deliberately faithless or disloyal treacherous loyal
rancorous ADJ Maliciously resentful or hateful spiteful Loving, nice
spontaneity N impulsive action improvisation lethargy
venerable ADJ Respectable due to age august modern

English III, block 1 and 2:
vocab 5 Vocab 5 handouts
Review Unit 2 and 3 tests


H English III, block 4:
Unit 3 test
MS essay