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Organizers and Outlines

Source Organization.

When you are researching, it is important that you maintain organization of your sources.  There are multiple methods to organize your source.  Look over these methods and decide which one fits your learning and organizational style best.At our high school, we use the annotated bibliography.  You can download this form and just fill it out as you find more sources.
Standard classes must have at least 5 ACADEMIC SOURCES and Honors classes must have at least 7 ACADEMIC sources. There must be a MINIMUM of 25 quotes by the end of the research process on the annotated bibliography.


annotated_bibliography F16_template

Annotated bibliography for Standard and Honors – copy and paste the tables for each type of source in order to create more source boxes

OCS annotated-bibliography

Annotated bibliography for OCS


Once you have developed your working thesis and completed some preliminary research, you need to begin organizing your thoughts. The most basic organizer is an outline.  You do not need to have all of your research done before you begin organizing.  As soon as you have your beginning ideas, begin organizing them into paragraphs.
Persuasive Essay Outline F14

outline template

Persuasive Essay Outline- example
Cloning outline example

Example of an outline

OCS Outline for Research Paper
Novel Analysis Outline

– outlines for literary analysis

 example rough outline

Cause and/or Effect Outline example

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