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Researching and Sources


The first step in research is to find reliable sources.  Here is a powerpoint that gives you pointers and tips on how to identify if a source is reliable:


Livaudais Internet research skills

Information on what makes good research from Lakeland Community College:



The most important thing to remember is CARS:







Annotated Bibliography template:

annotated_bibliography F16_template

Google Doc Annotated Bibliography

OCS Annotated Bibliography:

OCS annotated-bibliography

Google Doc OCS Annotated Bibliography


Teachers do not allow students to use information that comes from blogs, personal websites, or Wikipedia.

The best thing to do is to look for web addresses (called URLs) that end with .edu, .gov, or .org. The school also has a database of articles that are always safe to use and that is located on NC WiseOwl. Ask your teacher for the username and password to access this database from school and/or home. All of the articles in this database are considered appropriate for use. Other places to search for reliable information and sources include:

Google Scholar


This is for students and looks for articles.  Often, there is a fee for the complete article through Google Scholar, but you can get abstracts and you can search elsewhere for the same article for free.



This site is a good place to look for information about medical studies.

CBS Find Articles


This site will help you find good articles



Online research site – there are book descriptions, but you can get partial articles and can look for the articles elsewhere for free.

Sweet Search


This is a search engine that searches scholarly articles.  Students are less likely to find non-scholarly sources



Students can use their school log ins to access online magazines, journals, and newspapers for sources

CvHS Media Center Research 


Check out the World Book Advanced for lots of great sources.  Also look at the Gale Reference Library


**Don’t forget to look at Print Sources in the library – Opposing Viewpoints and others

 Occupational Handbook

Bureau of Labor Statistics – career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations

Online Scholarly Journals
Directory of Open Access Journals


This site provides you access to journals.  Be sure to set the language setting to English.

Free Scholarly Journals


This site will help you find some articles.   There are journal sites for several different areas and topics.



Access to hundreds of free online journals and articles


It includes publications dealing with food, food security, agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, and rural development.


IDEAS is a large bibliographic database dedicated to economics and finance research available freely on the Internet.

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